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The teachers and administrators at LSMS took the time to get to know each of my sons, and give each of them the tools needed to become independent, successful students, and caring people. I never cease to be amazed at the ways that LSMS teachers weave both caring and education into everyday activities.The school uses a true Montessori method of teaching that balances individual attention with self-motivation. My son will enter kindergarten reading at almost a first grade level! Thank you, LSMS, for giving my children an amazing foundation in both education and life in general that will benefit them for a lifetime.

Kelly Kim

We were very happy about Jonahʼs time at Lincoln Square Montessori. Under Ana-Mariaʼs management, Jonah developed from a pull-up pulling toddler into a kindergarten ready young man. He thrived under the rigorous Montessori system. His focus and enthusiasm for learning blossomed. By 5 he is reading fluently and excited about trying new things and challenging himself. We credit LSMS with his acceptance into a CPS selective enrollment kindergarten and know that he wouldnʼt be the happy learner and sweet kid he is without the combination of Ana Mariaʼs firm structure and her teachersʼ care and love.

—  Seth Zurer

At Lincoln Square Montessori our daughter has developed a strong foundation of learning and responsibility. She will continue to practice the teaching, sharing and respecting skills that Montessori has instilled in her as she begins kindergarten. We have no doubt that the education received at LSM played a role in her and two of her classmates having the opportunity to attend a CPS selective enrollment elementary school this fall. We look forward to continuing our journey at LSM as our son transitions from the sunshine room into the rainbow room.

Megan Zack-Royer

Parents About Us

We had the good fortune of spending 2 years at LSMS. Our son benefitted wildly from the magical, peaceful and rich environment at LSMS. I often attribute his patience, peacefulness, ability to play independently and fantastic fine motor skills to the work and methods of LSMS.

Ana-Maria has the passion and vision to hire incredible teachers – these teachers make the school. I felt confident trusting my son in their hands every day, even in the very beginning when it was hard for him to say goodbye. I often dream of spending a quiet day in that Rainbow room myself!

Emily Lindner